ISP is in the house and bringing that CHEM fire that we crave. I can't wait to get some of these in the dirt myself!

All orders will come with some SR-91 freebies.
SR-91 (Sangarara' Reserve (from Peru) x 91 Dragons (F-1 male)

Background info / genetics:

Sangarara' Reserve from Peru. It's genetics are Columbian Gold, I acquired in Columbia in 1983, and made a new f-generation with in California. I gifted 300 seeds to a good friend in the Sangarara Region of Peru in 1985. He grew it every year, made seeds that first year, and every 5 years thereafter. Performing careful selection for phenos with the most up high, with zero body effect, and the fastest finish. He gifted me seeds back in 2016, while I was in Peru visiting him. It's now a F-7 IBL Columbian Gold dubbed Sangarara' Reserve, which we crossed to our favorite 91 Dragons (F-1) male (Draco).
Draco brings down the size of this outdoor beast, to under 5 feet, making it possible to grow these genetics indoors. These require 40 days of veg, and 67 day