Direct from Spain these masters of FIRE have blessed us with a drop of three tasty releases. These are limited and a GREAT price so I don't expect them to last too long. Each pack comes with a gift package of seeds from MSS. The gifts are Yellow Scouts and Animal Instinct. Check out the forum post here for more info!

ISP is in the house and bringing that CHEM fire that we crave. I can't wait to get some of these in the dirt myself!

All orders will come with some SR-91 freebies.
SR-91 (Sangarara' Reserve (from Peru) x 91 Dragons (F-1 male)

Background info / genetics:

Sangarara' Reserve from Peru. It's genetics are Columbian Gold, I acquired in Columbia in 1983, and made a new f-generation with in California. I gifted 300 seeds to a good friend in the Sangarara Region of Peru in 1985. He grew it every year, made seeds that first year, and every 5 years thereafter. Performing careful selection for phenos with the most up high, with zero body effect, and the fastest finish. He gifted me seeds back in 2016, while I was in Peru visiting him. It's now a F-7 IBL Columbian Gold dubbed Sangarara' Reserve, which we crossed to our favorite 91 Dragons (F-1) male (Draco).
Draco brings down the size of this outdoor beast, to under 5 feet, making it possible to grow these genetics indoors. These require 40 days of veg, and 67 day